Not Your Ordinary Coach with Chet Hirani

NYOC 046: The Four Pillars Of The GAME Method

November 19, 2021 Episode 46
Not Your Ordinary Coach with Chet Hirani
NYOC 046: The Four Pillars Of The GAME Method
Show Notes

Todays guest, Vaughn Granger, who is the the founder of The Game Method™ and The Legion™, host of The Rainmaker podcast, a serial entrepreneur, performance coach and second generation haberdasher, he has dedicated his life to helping leaders reach their full potential. 

Vaughn, a second generation haberdasher, seven-figure business owner, serial entrepreneur and men’s performance coach on a mission to help individuals reach new heights in their professional and personal lives. Nothing excites him more than watching people pursue their own unique versions of success instead of settling for mediocre. He developed the GAME method as a framework for addressing- and optimising- all the key areas of our lives simultaneously so that we can ultimately show up in the world as our absolute best selves. 

The secret of his success is his belief that each of us is only limited by our own imaginations. 

Does inner work make the person…or simply reveal the most confident version of that individual? Vaughn has learnt that it’s a little of both. When we feel better about ourselves, we produce more, we take on more and we do more.  Getting crystal clear on who we are, what we value and where we want to go in life can take us to the next level by helping us tap into the best versions of ourselves that were there all along. 

Today, shares his own story from late-bloomer to creating everything he has today, and The four pillars of the GAME Method.

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