Not Your Ordinary Coach with Chet Hirani

NYOC 044: How To Gain Alignment From Life And Work And Owning Yourself

November 05, 2021 Episode 44
Not Your Ordinary Coach with Chet Hirani
NYOC 044: How To Gain Alignment From Life And Work And Owning Yourself
Show Notes

Todays guest, Clay Smeltzer, who is the founder of the Purpose Infused Brotherhood which helps driven men become the best version of themselves by Building, Battling, and Bonding together. - Getting men initiated into a family where they belong!

Clay was 35 years old and living by what the world and everyone else told him he should be. He was the "responsible man" yet he was filled with worry, anxiety, anger, stress, negativity, shame, fear, and the list went on. Then the shit hit the fan with a full blown anxiety/panic attack over a tv show and this is when he decided to bring death to the old self and out of those ashes give birth to the new Purpose Infused Man. This change gave birth to the Purpose Infused Brotherhood and helping other men make those same changes and become the best version of themselves every single day!!

Today, Clay shares his story, and explains how to gain alignment from life and work and owning yourself.

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