Not Your Ordinary Coach with Chet Hirani

NYOC 042: Attune To Prosperity And Collapse Time Building Exponential Wealth

October 22, 2021 Chet Hirani Episode 42
Not Your Ordinary Coach with Chet Hirani
NYOC 042: Attune To Prosperity And Collapse Time Building Exponential Wealth
Show Notes

Todays guest, Judy Vee  who is an international best selling author, award winning entrepreneur, speaker, co founder of Tribe of Traders and creator of Trilogy of Transformation and the Attune to Prosperity brand.

Over the past 20+ years Judy has built and sold numerous multi million dollar businesses in many categories including starting the first ever online coaching business in 2000 .

She has studied and researched human potential for over 20 years - it's been her understanding of human behaviour and potential that has not only allowed her to create massively successful pioneering businesses but overcome the most extraordinary challenge - of being locked up throughout her childhood until she escaped in her early 20's. 

Today, Judy shares her story, and how she developed her framework around the road to her healing and how she now shares this with others through the creation of Charge, Capitalise and Championing you challenge.

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