Not Your Ordinary Coach with Chet Hirani

NYOC 036: King Of The Jungle and Broken Free

August 27, 2021 Episode 36
Not Your Ordinary Coach with Chet Hirani
NYOC 036: King Of The Jungle and Broken Free
Show Notes

Today's guest, Aaron Young who has spent 15 years in the bush and his skills with the pen are not what they used to be.  Aarons mission is to reinvent how we look at mental health.  Especially men's mental health. He feels it is time to explore the new potential of men in the modern world, without the dogma and stigma of the past.  Having lived through the mental health labels of anxiety, depression and the rest, he saw that the missing link was taking action in his own life and not asking someone else to fix what was going on inside and around him.  

Utilising his personal experience across the globe from the Middle East, to years in the bush in Africa  where he became the protector of African wildlife, specialising in Elephants and Lions.  He uses his hands-on knowledge of how to overcome and smash through personal barriers.  From early childhood traumas, drugs & alcohol, relationships and business.  He guides and supports leaders in both their personal and business lives and wants to see a new generation of men start taking back their role in the community.  Walking tall and stable amongst our families, neighbours and friends offers an example that we seem to be sorely missing.   Right down to fatherhood and how as men we have a responsibility to start looking closely at who and what we have become, so we can help the next generation see the world differently.  

Aaron is a certified master breakthrough coach who at 47 years of age has now developed his own style of life and business coaching.  Simplifying and taking away the clichés and trendiness of self development. he aims to use his unique life journey as a real life practical set of lessons to help men (and their families) by creating a non judgemental, safe and trusted place for people to work through the denial to a place of self honesty. Teaching the art of true awareness and "resistance" training so we can understand the role our mind plays in our lives. Building on spiritual principals and the ethos of taking action, getting your hands dirty and walking through the shadow, he takes people on a journey back to themselves.  Reuniting them from the disconnection of the past, and inspiring them to take action in their lives so we can start to see strong male bonds which revolve around healthy, positive, exemplary living". He lives his words and practices what he preaches which gives people a unique and special guide on this path inwards".

And today will talk about his Life experience. Practical experience using tools, methods, ancient wisdom in extreme situations for positive outcomes.

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